Temperature-resistant, robust and hygienic: KÄNGABOX® thermoboxes made of EPP

There are thermoboxes. Then there are the KÄNGABOX® thermoboxes, which set benchmarks for thermoboxes with their temperature resistance and strength. Why is that? The KÄNGABOX® is made of EPP, a material with excellent insulation properties that is very lightweight and sturdy. This makes the KÄNGABOX® far superior to insulating containers made of polystyrene.

The KÄNGABOX® is also a perfect model for hygiene. As it’s dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, the clever thermobox is perfect for transporting food, for cold chains and for HACCP concepts. With their smooth-coated inner surfaces, the KÄNGABOX®Professional thermoboxes are extra clean.

You’d like to buy a small or large KÄNGABOX® thermobox? For food services, food retail or another industry? You’ll find the perfect model for your needs and the right dealer in our product range.

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All advantages of the Kängabox® thermoboxes at a glance

High temperature resistance: The KÄNGABOX® stands the temperature test

The KÄNGABOX® has excellent insulating properties – in a range from ice cold -40°C to boiling hot +120°C. Measurements prove: The average temperature loss or temperature increase is between 1° and 3°C per hour. This requires the thermobox to be filled optimally. The KÄNGABOX® is ideal for safely transporting cold and warm foods.

For high hygiene standards: The KÄNGABOX® is especially easy to clean

Clean-cut: The KÄNGABOX® sets benchmarks in terms of hygiene. Easy to wash by hand and dishwasher-safe up to 80°C, the thermobox is quickly ready for its next assignment. Plus, it’s produced in a way that prevents grime altogether: from one piece, without loose internal parts and without corners where dirt can accumulate. With its smooth-coated inner surfaces, the KÄNGABOX®Professional is extra clean.

Extremely sturdy: The KÄNGABOX® is made of impact, scratch and shock-resistant EPP

A robust, light-weight solution: Thanks to the high material density and strength of EPP, the KÄNGABOX® is structurally stable, shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant. This means delicate contents are optimally protected. No wonder, after all, the robust EPP is used when the going gets tough: in bicycle helmets, shock absorbers and car seats, for example. Produced from one piece without any seams or bonding surfaces, the KÄNGABOX® is also extremely shock-resistant and ideal for heavy loads.

Simple handling: The KÄNGABOX® features a low weight and simple handling

The KÄNGABOX® is easy and safe to handle. This is thanks to its light weight and ergonomically shaped slip-proof handles. Those looking for even more grip can choose a box with comfort handles. An intelligent stacking system also ensures space-saving, safe transport: The base of the box and lid are designed as a perfect fit, preventing the boxes from shifting. And: Inside the Gastronorm models, recessed handles make container removal easy.

Environmentally friendly material: The KÄNGABOX® is durable and can be recycled

The entire KÄNGABOX® range is made of expanded polypropylene – abbreviated EPP. This benefits the environment in multiple ways: For example, EPP is extremely durable. Unlike Styropor boxes, an EPP box lasts for many years, helping to sustainably avoid waste. But its environmental friendliness begins with its energy-saving production. Plus, EPP is free of hazardous materials and can be recycled 100%.

Made in Germany: Genuine quality from FEURER

True quality begins right at production. As is the case with the KÄNGABOX®. Because every KÄNGABOX® thermobox is produced by FEURER, a German packaging specialist. The material as well as the production and testing methods meet the highest of quality standards. You can count on that!

Bespoke KÄNGABOX® models: Custom-made products

The KÄNGABOX® range covers all standard formats in food services and food retail. But those looking for customised solutions will make the right choice with the KÄNGABOX®: Single or multi-colour company logos and advertising prints, laser engraving, special formats and special colours – the sky is the limit for your custom design. You want a customised KÄNGABOX®? We look forward to receiving your request!

Products at a glance

The right Kängabox® for your requirements


Fresh from the kitchen to the customer – arriving safely at the destination. The KÄNGABOX® catering solutions feature comfortable handling: Easy to carry, easy to stack, easy to clean.

Food services

Ideal for buying fresh at the market. Temperature-resistant and hygienic – KÄNGABOX® offers a number of clever solutions for food services.

Food retail

Food-safe and dishwasher-safe. The KÄNGABOX® range for food retail is ideal for supporting high hygiene standards.

Delivery services

No matter whether hot or cold products: Transport foods to your customers without temperature losses. KÄNGABOX® offers you large and small thermoboxes in the just the right format.

Ice cream shops

Cold as ice stays cold as ice: With the KÄNGABOX®, your ice cream is stowedsecurely and protected from heat. Ice cream containers are easy to remove, making for simple handling.


From the online shopping basket safely to the customer: Thanks to a high temperature resistance and easy handling, the KÄNGABOX® opens up new possibilities in food shipment.

KÄNGABOX<sup>®</sup> für Pharma


Temperature-resistant, hygienic and sturdy: Pharmaceutical cooled goods such as vaccines are securely stowed in the KÄNGABOX®. A high level of safety for both manufacturers and patients.


BBQing, going fishing or taking a camping trip? Stay cool. Because no matter what you’ve got planned, the KÄNGABOX® is your reliable companion in your leisure time: as a thermobox and as a mobile stool.

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Messe in Madrid


Discover KÄNGABOX® live. From 06-08 March 2023, the Horeca Professional Expo will take place in Madrid. Our partner Degerman will present the KÄNGABOX® at booth 5B228. He is looking forward to your visit.

Happy Birthday! The KÄNGABOX® turns 10.

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