Staying hot, cold and stable for longer. Kängabox® thermoboxes.

Ultra-light, extremely sturdy and hygienic: FEURER’s EPP thermoboxes make the transportation of food and meals secure and convenient. Perfect for outdoor catering for large-scale events, event catering or care catering. And, of course, also for supplying provisions to cafeterias, schools, canteens or commercial kitchens. A compelling choice, too, for sensitive foodstuffs, such as fish, meat, salads or ice. In comparison with conventional insulated boxes made from polystyrene, FEURER’s thermo containers are made from the sturdier material EPP, guaranteeing robustness and a long service life – for instance, when used in the e-commerce and e-food segments. Find out more about the advantages of the KÄNGABOX®.


The KÄNGABOX® is proven to keep its contents cold and hot for long periods

The KÄNGABOX® has excellent insulating properties. On the one hand, this is due to its clever design with a tight-sealing lid, and on the other the extremely temperature-resistant material EPP. Plus, large knobs inside the container help improve the circulation of heat and cold. Condensate can also collect here, and the contents remain dry. This makes KÄNGABOX® thermoboxes ideal for safely transporting frozen, cold, warm and hot foods.

Important: Never interrupt the cold chain

Whether shopping at the supermarket or on the way to your car, home, to the refrigerator or freezer: As soon as foods are taken from the cooling shelf, meat counter or the freezers, the cold chain is interrupted and germs begin to multiply due to the increase in temperature. Perishable foods and frozen products especially should be placed in the shopping cart last – and preferably in an insulated container. For professionals, the transport conditions are regulated by DIN 10508 as well as VO (EC) 852/2004.

Maximum temperature according to DIN 10508

Maximum temperature
according to DIN 10508
Frozen foods -18°C
Minced meat + 2°C
Butter +6 °C
Cheese +10 °C
Fresh fish (on ice) +2 °C
Fresh poultry +4 °C
Processed fish +7 °C
Other perishable foods, such as baked goods with non-cooked fillings or toppings, freshly chopped salads and gourmet salads, and the like. + 7°C
Milk, fresh cream, yoghurt +4 °C
Ice cream -20 °C
Ice cream for scooping -10 °C
Meat +6 °C

VO (EC) 852/2004 on food hygiene

Article 1c: “It is important, for food that cannot be stored safely at ambient temperatures, particularly frozen food, to maintain the cold chain”

Article 4 (3): General and specific hygiene requirements (excerpt)
Food business operators shall, as appropriate, adopt the following specific hygiene measures:
a) compliance with microbiological criteria for foodstuffs
b) procedures necessary to meet targets set to achieve the objectives of this Regulation
c) compliance with temperature control requirements for foodstuffs
d) maintenance of the cold chain
e) sampling and analysis

Food safety in online food retail

You’d like to package and ship e-commerce goods while keeping cold chains intact? Guideline DIN SPEC 91360 provides just the right specifications. After all, DIN SPEC 91360 is an important standard for dealers shipping refrigerated and cold-sensitive foods. This document defines the entire process, from preparing shipping to delivery to returning the packaging used. DIN SPEC 91360 also describes test methods to test packaging, such as the KÄNGABOX®, under real conditions and validate packaging concepts. Learn more about the temperature concept DIN SPEC 91360 for shipping.

Temperature loss or temperature increase between 1°C and 3°C per hour

Extensive testing has shown: The KÄNGABOX® exceeds the requirements of European standard EN 12571 – in both warm and cold applications. Under strict test conditions, the temperature losses or increases are between 1°C and 3°C per hour, attesting to the good insulating properties of the KÄNGABOX®. This is thanks to the EPP material and the special processing as a KÄNGABOX®, such as the high material density of 60 grams per litre. Learn more about the temperature test.

It is important, for food that cannot be stored safely at ambient temperatures, … to maintain the cold chain


Easy cleaning and safe to support HACCP standards

Hygiene without compromise is standard with the KÄNGABOX®. Clean the KÄNGABOX® in the dishwasherat up to 80°C. Rely on the tight closing lid and a design without loose internal parts or corners where dirt can accumulate. If you are looking for extra cleanliness, the KÄNGABOX®Professional is the right thermobox for you. It features a smooth coating on the inside, making it even easier to clean thoroughly. Important: All thermoboxes from KÄNGABOX® are ideal for supporting HACCP concepts.

HACCP: Obligatory for all food-related businesses

The abbreviation HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point”, essentially identifying danger points and control points to ensure food safety. The KÄNGABOX® can represent such a control point: Thanks to its high hygiene standards and proven temperature resistance, it makes sure foods get from point A to B safely.

Food Hygiene Ordinance (LMHV)

In Germany, the Food Hygiene Ordinance (LMHV) regulates the requirements for transporting and storing foods. The KÄNGABOX® helps you meet these requirements. Learn more about the Food Hygiene Ordinance (LMHV).

(EU) No. 10/2011

(EU) No. 10/2011 is a directive on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Why? Materials made of plastic can pass toxic substances on to food and therefore be harmful to health.

The directive introduces limit values for substances that are used in such packaging and defines specifications for their use in order to ensure food safety. In addition, it defines requirements for producing and placing on the market materials and objects made of plastic that come into contact with foods.

The KÄNGABOX® is regularly tested in an independent external laboratory in accordance with EU regulations, laws and standards. KÄNGABOX® thermoboxes can therefore be used to safely store foods. This confirms: The KÄNGABOX® may come into direct contact with dry, watery, acidic, alcoholic and fatty foods.

Hygiene? No problem for the KÄNGABOX® with its easy-to-clean material and sophisticated design.


Impact, scratch and shock-resistant: EPP is far superior to Styropor

Whether you run into it, drop it, stick it in the dishwasher or sit on it: Your KÄNGABOX® can handle it all effortlessly. You’d never even know by looking at it – because it’s made of structurally stable, impact and scratch-resistant EPP. With a high material thickness, from one piece without any seams or bonding surfaces. This means the KÄNGABOX® and its delicate contents are optimally protected, no matter where you’re on the road.

EPP is the sturdy, durable alternative to Styropor/airpop®

KÄNGABOX® thermoboxes are made of EPP. EPP stands for expanded polypropylene, meaning it is a foamed plastic. EPP is sturdy, shock-absorbing and durable, and it can be recycled. You may know it as a part of bicycle helmets, shock absorbers or car seats. The high material density of EPP also makes for excellent insulating properties.

Not to be confused with expanded polystyrene or EPS, also referred to as airpop®. Styropor is also a foamed plastic. But it’s much less sturdy and durable than EPP. Thermoboxes made of polystyrene are non-durable products, while your foods can be safely transported with the KÄNGABOX® for years.

You’ll enjoy your KÄNGABOX® made of EPP for years to come. By contrast, thermoboxes made of polystyrene are non-durable products.

Simple handling

The KÄNGABOX® makes your life easier: carrying, stacking and daily handling

Extremely light-weight, ergonomically shaped handles, tight-sealing lid: There are many good reasons why day-to-day work is so easy to accomplish with the KÄNGABOX®. An intelligent stacking system also ensures space-saving, safe transport without slippage: The base of the box and lid are a perfect fit. KÄNGABOX® thermoboxes in the Gastronorm format are also easy to handle: Recessed handles make container removal easy. The KÄNGABOX®Tower models provide easy access from the front – even when boxes are stacked.

Sie haben die Wahl: Standard-, Comfort- und Unterfassgriff

So vielfältig die Anforderungen an die KÄNGABOX® sind, so verschieden sind auch ihre Griffvarianten: Standardgriffe oder Unterfassgriffe erleichtern den platzsparenden Transport und das Stapeln. Schwere Lasten meistern Sie mithilfe der stabilen Comfortgriffe. Die KÄNGABOX®Professional bietet Ihnen gleich drei verschiedene Griffvarianten zur Auswahl.




Why is the KÄNGABOX® so easy to handle? Because the requirements of our customers are our benchmark.

Environmentally friendly

Exemplary from production, to application, to recycling

The KÄNGABOX® is a robust reusable container made of mono-material: It is made entirely of the plastic EPP. This is good for the environment, as the material can be recycled 100 percent and is free of hydrocarbons, heavy metals and environmentally hazardous volatile organic compounds. The KÄNGABOX® production process is entirely physical, applying steam, pressure and heat without using chemicals. And because EPP is extremely robust, a KÄNGABOX® can be used for many years, preventing valuable resources from being wasted.

Whatever you pack in your KÄNGABOX® – it’s always packed with sustainability.

Made in Germany

Design, production and quality from Germany

All KÄNGABOX® thermoboxes and their material come fromproduction sites in Germany. Design, productionand quality assurance are in the hand of FEURER, a specialist for packaging and packaging logistics.

Safe transport modelled on kangaroos

The most striking trait of the KÄNGABOX® is the large kangaroo symbol on the sides of the box and the lid. Like a kangaroo joey in its mother’s pouch, the goods transported in the KÄNGABOX® are perfectly protected and conveniently transported to their destination.

Special features

The EPP walls ensure thermal and hygienic protection. The box and lid are sealed tight with clamping lugs to minimise heat loss. Recesses at the edgesnear the lid make it easy to open and close.

The patented coated interior makes the KÄNGABOX®Professional easy to clean effectively, increasing hygienic protection significantly. Raised areas in the base provide for a space where condensate can collect, reducing condensate dripping from the GN pan. Recessed grips on the side make it easier to grip the GN pan.

But hygiene and thermal protection elements can be found not only inside the Kängabox. The feet of the transport container are designed not to touch or contaminate the lid when stacked – this system, too, is patented. Recesses in the grips allow water to drain when turned over, rounding off the hygiene protection features.

Nothing but hot air – transforming plastic beads into a finished KÄNGABOX®

The base material for every KÄNGABOX® is small plastic beads that are lead to a moulding machine. Compressed air blows the beads into aluminium moulds. Now, hot steam is applied and the pressure in the moulding machine increases to 6 bars. The air in the plastic beads expands in the heat, causing the beads to expand like popcorn in a hot pot. All without blowing agents. During another steaming, the surface of the beads is heated so intensely that they melt together on the surface and form a cohesive moulded part – the KÄNGABOX®. Next, the tool surface is cooled with water and the finished moulded part is slid out of the mould. The KÄNGABOX® is dried and stabilised at 80° for around three hours so that it retains its shape during cooling. Herstellung KÄNGABOX®

Rely on quality, form and function characterised by the kangaroo.


Tailored custom-made products

The KÄNGABOX® range covers all standard formats in food services and food retail. But those looking for customised solutions will make the right choice with the KÄNGABOX®: Single or multi-colour company logos and advertising prints, special formats and special colours – the sky is the limit for your custom design. Use the following solutions, for example:

  • Domed self-adhesive labels on the lid
  • Laser engraving within the kangaroo on the lid
  • Custom logo on the lid
  • Dimensions as needed or special designs for special applications

As individual as your needs: Custom-made KÄNGABOX®

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